FinTech monthly videos

Tech City News launched FinTech Monthly last October and I have been delighted to be involved throughout the series, looking at topics as diverse as payments, bitcoin and the Chancellor’s Autumn statement… My daughters enjoy the concept of ‘Daddy being on the iPad’ but I think that they’d appreciate a lighter topic than the intersection of financial services, technology and innovation!

FinTech Monthly: Year in review Christmas special – 19 December 2014

Xmas special

FinTech Monthly: Transferwise rumours, football meets FinTech and more – 27 November 2014


FinTech Monthly: First series – FinTech Insights – 30 October 2014

Oct FinTech Monthly


FinTech Monthly – Tech City News

I started a monthly fintech column for Tech City News in the Autumn of 2014. I started off by looking at the FinTech scene in London from a high level and I then began writing about some of the sub-sectors that are hot and attracting investment.


Payments make the FinTech world go round – 22 December 2014

Bitcoin broken down: Is it really a bubble? – 1 December 2014

Can London really shoot the stars out? 14 November 2014

Fintech 40

2014 was the year of FinTech, particularly in London. This is an area where I have been spending a huge amount of time for the last few years in both the US (NYC mainly) and London. I was delighted to be included in Financial News’s first FinTech 40 list in the summer of 2014.

The list makes for good reading and contains many friends, colleagues and clients whom I have huge respect for. If you are interested in FinTech, then this list is a good intro to the movers and shakers in EMEA and beyond (it’s not really a US list though).

The full list, from Financial News:

Wall St Journal’s write up:

Tech City News write up: London flexes FinTech muscle in Financial News


Where Tech meets Law – day zero….

I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for some time. I spend my life working with amazing Tech companies and investors – raising money for them, helping them grow and often helping to IPO or sell them. My life is split helping European tech companies grow and expand into the US or vice versa (helping US tech companies expand internationally).

All of this means that I spend a lot of time in the air, in airport lounges or generally travelling around (when I am not in the office, chairing our group of 120 amazing tech lawyers). I started using that time a few years ago to tweet about the world from my perspective. I have found Twitter to be a great way to connect and stay in touch with many of the inspirational entrepreneurs and other folks that I get to work with (and learn from).

I am asked to write about the world of tech from time to time, so I thought that a blog would (at a minimum) be a great home for my sporadic columns, articles etc.

Let’s see where it takes me..!