Nov ’15 Tech Vids (and other thoughts)


This month I have been featured in The Memo’s new Future Finance series. I look at the fight between Bitcoin and the law:


The first episode can be found at:  (Ben Goldsmith explains the blockchain using cake – it’s excellent).

We hosted our monthly Tech event in London this week. This month’s topic was a hot one: FinTech. With Innovate Finance, the FCA and some great VCs speaking (Orange Growth Capital, BGF Ventures, FinTech Circle and Illuminate), it was a mini-confrenece really. With close to 170 people signing up, this was our busiest Tech event so far.

It’s hard to follow all of the events going on right now. But if FinTech is your interest, then here’s a great calendar:

And to finish off, I was recently reminded of my London FinTech podcast from Oct ’14:


FinTech Monthly Oct 15

I am reminded today that I need to have a catch up on my blogging… Deals and clients are getting in the way!! Well, it’s moved up the to do list but, in the meantime, here’s the latest edition of FinTech Monthly (Oct ’15 edition):

We look at London’s poistion as the Fintech capital of the world, Challenger banks and Bitcoin computers.

OCT 15